“Family” today doesn’t mean what it used to mean

In my lifetime I gave birth to five children, they’re all grown now. My mother always told me I would cry many a tear over them, now I believe what she said is very true. I”ve had an extremely hard life, harder than most people.I didn’t raise my two oldest daughters, although I loved them and missed them from the bottom of my heart. I always had a feeling I would someday be reunited with my daughters, the reunion was not exactly what I had envisioned. Life happened to me some more and I’m estranged from them once again. My other three children grew up fast, but we were mostly all together. I have a son, who didn’t exactly care for growing up around “girls” too much so he got his education and raising away from home, leaving my two youngest daughters without big brother. I really did the best I could for them, my husband and I worked
opposing shifts, me first, he second, we even swapped me second, he first. Someone was always home with the children. We were even happy for awhile. Until, my mother passed away suddenly, Labor Day 1999. We had been down visiting family that summer and were making plans to move back home, thinking we would still be happy around our families. NOT!!!! As a matter of fact I am totally Unhappy at this time because all my children are Unhappy and being vicious to one another. Using Facebook for their bickering and fighting. Oh my God! You don’t use Facebook for airing out that kind of “stuff”. Nobody wants to read that. Who knows, maybe they do, but I don’t think it’s the proper place.

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